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Focusing on developing qualitative-analytic thinking processes, the Human Experience Mode is home to those interested in sifting through historical narratives and artifacts in order to explore the factors that have influenced the evolution of our human story.  Students document and sequence, describe and interpret, extrapolate and reconstruct, translate and relate, and chronicle and arrange the diversity of the past to unearth the factors of influence.

Temporal Towers West: Home to Historians

The story of mankind is far too great to fit into just one building, so we have three. The Past, Present and Future buildings that make up Temporal Towers West boast three clock towers, but only one has the right time; that's how you can tell which one is in the present. All current Human Story classes are held in the Present Building. Students are advised never to enter the Past or Future buildings so as to avoid the risk of seeing themselves as they were yesterday or will be tomorrow.

The Present Building also houses the Academy conference center and teacher cafeteria.

NOTE: Students and professors have reported strong feelings of déjà vu just standing outside the three buildings.




Key Themes: Cultural norms; Zeitgeist; Civilization; Power; War; Politics; Push & pull factors; Social class; Liberty; Freedom; Government; Paradigms; Urbanism; Etymology; Establishing Historical Significance

Key Skills: Explore the impact of content; Examine cultural perspectives; Explore the history of society; Envision the diversity of the past; Unearth the factors of influence; Document and Sequence; Describe and Interpret; Extrapolate and Reconstruct; Expound and Contextualize; Translate and Relate; Chronicle and Arrange