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 The Identity Mode is aligned to the self-discovery and self-expression needs of young leaders who are ready to explore decision-making models and examples of greatness, and make personal connections to a variety of real-world themes. Here students explore inter- and intrapersonal problems, considering them in the context of what it means to be a reflective leader. Students listen, perceive, empathize, embody, persuade, motivate, plan, and instruct. Their goal: to develop unique personal voices and leadership skills.


The Orb and Scepter Building: Home to Reflective Leaders

The Orb and Scepter, symbols of kings for hundreds of years, were the inspiration for the building that houses the College of Identity. The building is covered with reflective surfaces, but none of them offer an undistorted reflection. That is because mirrors can never show true identity. The most amazing part of the building is the gazing orb that floats effortlessly above the calm, round reflecting pool. The orb, which is metal and bears a positive charge, is held aloft by a positive magnet just below the water's surface.




Key Concepts: Leadership; Psychology; Social Cognition; Learning; Development; Aging; Communication; Motivation; Distortion; Tolerance; Success and failure; Mood; Stress

Key Skills: Make person connections; Improve decision making skills; Explore examples of greatness; Develop leadership skills; Create a unique personal voice; Contemplate and Internalize; Reflect and Meta-cognate; Listen and Perceive; Empathize and Believe; Acclimatize and Embody; Persuading and Motivating