• Overview

      • Goal: Building a Consensus around a Plan of Action


        The reflective leader does research in order to form a plan that can gain consensus. Here understanding the variety of perspectives involved is the key. Perspectives are prioritized by weighing elements like political power. As consensus around a plan of action is the goal, perspectives are not necessarily seen as right or wrong.



      • CCSS Alignment (Research)
        RI 8.1-8.4, 8.8; RH 8.2-8.6, 8.8-8.9; W 8.1 & 8.10



Mind Map Worksheet


Excellent Leadership Websites

Mind Maps


Quadrant Opinion Charts; Calendars; Action Research Cycles; Timelines; SWOT Analysis; Hierarchical Pyramids


Appreciative Inquiry; Action Research; Pathways to Knowledge Inquiry process; Reflective thinking; Storming and Norming; Adaptive Management Approach; AGILE strategic Planning Models; Leadership competency Frameworks; Decision making models; Stake holder analysis models; Action planning models

Note Taking Toolss

Episodic Note Taking Techniques;  Conversational Roundtable Note Taking; Interactive Notes; REAP Notes

Common Sources

Profiles, biographies and auto-biographies; People; Personal Journals; Photos; Flowcharts; Videos; Surveys; Blogs; Data sets; Observation; Interviews; Biographies; Strategic plans; Case studies; People

Objectives - Student will:


1. Define a question about an issue/policy

2. List stakeholders concerned about the issue

3. Design survey/interview/meeting questions

4. Control to ensure data is represents population

5. Collect a variety of related perspectives

6. Highlight the outliers

7. Make sure plan isn't duplicating other efforts

8. Take notes on verbal conversations

9. Organize ideas into clusters of consensus

10. Apply leadership models to describe conclusions

11. Narrow goal due to capacity issues

12. Don't allow assumptions to taint interpretation

13. Plan who/what/when/where

14. Verify plan represents perspectives surveyed

15. Expand goal/perspectives included

16. Make sure all perspectives are represented