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Focusing on causal-experimental thinking strategies, the Investigation Mode is tailor-fit for analytical researchers who enjoy collecting, categorizing, and measuring information. Focusing on isolating issues and solving mysteries, students explore what it means to be a researcher. Students hypothesize, sample, inspect, test, sift, winnow, derive, substantiate, rank, calculate, catalog, and differentiate to design experiments that explore phenomena.

The Lens Building: Home to Researchers

Constructed from copper, steel, concrete, terracotta, and one of the largest pieces of polished quartz on the planet, the Lens Building is more than just a monument to the art of investigation. It is the power station of the entire campus. The movable lens focuses sunlight on the concrete slab that holds it in place. Inside the concrete are thin tubes filled with antifreeze that boils at an extremely low temperature. As the sunlight heats the liquid in the tubes, the liquid boils and gives off steam that turns a turbine that generates electricity for the entire campus.

Note: Don't be fooled by this building's small footprint. Upon closer investigation, many students discover that the Lens Building's basements go about twenty stories down and stretch out for about a mile in all directions. In fact, the Lens Building is easily the largest building on campus


Key Concepts: Situation specific vs. Generalizable; Correlation vs. causality; Parallel vs. interesting connections; Fact vs. fiction; Intended vs. unintended; Classification and identification; Bias; Comparing different kinds of evidence; Ranking, quantifying and predicting; Diagnosing and treating a problem; Inspecting and testing

Key Skills: Explore knowns and unknowns; Isolate, measure, and classify; Identify and define attributes; Design experiments; Prove it through logical frameworks; Hypothesize and Sample; Inspect and Test; Sift and Winnow; Derive and Substantiate; Rank and Calculate; Catalog and Differentiate